Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

- Mary Oliver

 Coaching Services

My coaching practice fuses a lifetime of working with creative people in visual arts and a fascination with what makes people thrive in their personal and professional lives. For many years, I have mentored artists and now expand my coaching practice to include individuals interested in tapping into a more creative, fulfilling life.

My training includes Basic and Advanced Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel as well as the successful completion of coursework through MentorCoach LLC - an intensive two-year, science based program founded on the principles of positive psychology. For more information about positive psychology, go to my Inspiration page to watch Martin Seligman's TED Talk.

MentorCoach is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and committed to the highest professional standards and code of ethics. One of the requirements of the PCC level of certification is documenting 500 coaching hours with 25 or more clients. To that end, I will continue to offer a reduced rate of $60 per hour through December 2017. For individuals who are ready to work but experiencing a temporary financial hardship, I offer a reduced hourly rate.

If you are curious about how coaching works, take advantage of the FREE, 20 minute session I offer to prospective clients. I encourage you to take the next step!


"Jennifer has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time in order to clear the scatter and help me define my focus. As a coach, she creates a warm, trusting relationship that allows me to open up more authentically. I now have a deeper understanding of my core values, strengths, and life goals and have applied that knowledge to my new career with great success.  

- K.D., Kansas City. Missouri

"Jennifer's scrappy, creative genius guided me to consider what my life could look like in six months. Three months later, a totally new life has become a reality. Thank you, Jen!"  

- J.P. Prairie Village, Kansas

"For the past several years, Jennifer has been my mentor and consultant in my career as an artist.  She is always my first call when I'm looking for support and guidance.  Her knowledge and insight is outstanding.  Jennifer's creative, no-nonsense approach has helped me tremendously. She is the real thing.

- J.T.  Chicago, Illinois